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In the mid-1990s, the sleepy town of Whispering Bluff, North Carolina, suffered a string of devastating disappearances of local children. Now it's 2019, and Kenzie Evans, a high schooler with a deep passion for true crime research, believes she has solved the mystery that most of the town's residents, including her alcoholic mother, refuse to talk about. But the person Kenzie suspects is Willow Farnaby, an elderly, terminally ill woman with a loose grip on reality. And as she interviews Willow, Kenzie discovers that her hometown is more haunted than she ever realized.​


2nd Round, Playwriting Competition

2022 Austin Film Festival & Writers Conference


Set in a family-owned motel just off the interstate in Gallup, New Mexico, 40-West explores a brief, intense meeting between Ian, a teenager struggling to hold the business together, and Lydia, a mysterious middle-aged guest on the run.

A staged reading of 40-West was performed at Shetler Studios and Theatres in New York City on January 11th, 2019.

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